Angus Dean Slepkovich

In the early 60's his father Juraj Slepkovich was a private secretary to Milovan Djilas, former member of the Yugoslavian Communist Party. In 1956 Djilas was thrown out of the Party and into jail for opposing Marshall Tito. In 1957, as his book The New Class was published, he began a nine-year sentence.
While Djilas was still in prison Slepkovich helped him to smuggle out the manuscript of his next book, Conversations With Stalin, an account of his wartime missions to the Kremlin. Published in 1962, this made even more of a sensation. While he accompanied Djilas on a flight to Great Britain after his release out of prison, with a little help from a British diplomat Juraj Slepkovich took his chance to emmigrate to Mexico.

Angus Dean was born in 1970 in Mexico City and grew up in a serbian-mexican background. He spent nearly his whole youth there. After studying arts he headed to L.A. and after a short time he got a job at a small radio station in Berkely. One day he met John Peel who encouraged him to make his own music.

In 1987 Angus Dean Slepkovich formed his first band, "The NIXXXONS". They had moderate success, which highlightened in opening a Greatful Dead show in San Francisco. The band split up. Slepkovich made his living with a wide range of different jobs from driving trucks to being Santa Claus, but never gave up music and some years later he wrote a song for a Brasilian Coffee Company, which brought financial success and gave him creative independence. He formed his own label and together with Lopez jr. and Gonzalvez-Diaz he formed The Ha Ha Kalazhnikov Circus. Ehrich Weiss or The Art Of Getting Out Of Things is their first album.

Crusoé Gonzalvez-Diaz

Crusoé was born on 09.08.66 in Havanna, Cuba. His mother is originally from Montréal, Canada. She came to Cuba in early 60's, where she met tango accordeon player Enrice Gonzalvez-Diaz and married him. They founded a big family. Crusoé has two more brothers and three sisters. After he graduated at Salvador Allende Highschool in Havanna he worked as a mechanic in a garage where he fixed motors from planes, boats and cars. At nights he appeared with his group 'Arriva Amore', which was famous for a mix of Tango and New Wave music. The most fascinating thing about the group was the age of the participants. Except the young Crusoé everybody else was over 60 years old. Often they played at weddings and dancing contests.

In 1990 Crusoé got a one-year-sentence for smuggling american Bourbon. After his release he played with 'Los Salonas', a punk rock band, but they had to quit in '95 because of governmental sanctions.

From '96 to '99 he was a teacher at a music school for children in Havanna and in the same year he was allowed to leave the country because his mother was Canadian. He traveled to Montréal, where he lived the next years and where his reputation grew within the resident music scene. Apart from all music he met Angus Dean Slepkovich in Montréal during a circus show, who had a seat next to Crusoé's. After the break Angus asked him: Are you a musician? I'm looking for a bass player.

Sid Lopez jr.

In remembrance of a short affair with Sex Pistols' Sid Viscious, his mother called him Sid. Sid grew up in Glasgow. In '94 he was cast up in San Francisco and decided to live there. He learned to play drums at the age of 10. Sid has worked with different bands in San Francisco and was a barkeeper at nights. Very soon he was interested in making films too. After having a role in an independent movie he wrote, filmed and directed his first film The Gravity of Allan Ginsberg.





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